Steam, Soak, and Savor the Good Life at This Unbelievable Wellness Retreat in Florida

Time for a little pampering? Take advantage of the soaks, scrubs, and steams at this one-of-a-kind wellness retreat in Miami.Read More

The Carillon Miami — you can't miss it in the skyline along the waterfront. (Source: Shutterstock / Felix Mizioznikov)

A wellness retreat can mean many things to many people, but it usually centers on self-care. Lucky for us, it turns out there’s one in Florida that just got that whole self-care thing dead on. If you’re looking to relax, rejuvenate, and re-energize, then there is no better place than Carillon Miami. Let us explain how you can make the most of this incredible wellness mecca…

Sleep in

The one and two-bedroom suites at Carillon make for the perfect refuge. (Source:
The one and two-bedroom suites at Carillon make for the perfect refuge. (Source:

Starting at $450 per night, the one and two-bedroom luxury suites at The Carillon are truly something to behold. Mid-century modern meets chic austere in each room, many showcasing floor-to-ceiling windows and a balcony look-out onto the water. The amenities, meanwhile, positively astound; think WiFi, coffee, in-room iPads, full kitchens, multiple HDTVs, plush robes, and slippers. Not every room is so lavishly bedecked, but many are — and these luxe features are worth every penny.

Eat well

Airy, bright, and craveable , The Strand manages to support your wellness journey while introducing you to dynamic new flavor. (Source:
Airy, bright, and craveable , The Strand manages to support your wellness journey while introducing you to dynamic new flavor. (Source:

The Strand (entrées $28-60 for dinner): The cornerstone culinary concept at Carillon, The Strand is a Mediterranean feast for the senses. However committed you are to wellness, The Strand ensures you aren’t going to miss out on flavor. How could you with the likes of Prosecco and lemon-tinged Farrotto, Heirloom Beets with orange zest, and a Truffle Béchamel pizza lining the menu? Go extra big (you’ve earned it) with the Lamb Chops or Bistecca alla Florentina, or just save your calories for an extra Yuzu & Mule cocktail or a chocolatey dessert.

Want something a little more “caj”? Grab a snack at the poolside café or a juice bar fix from the hotel’s Corner Store.

Steam, poke, lather, and soak

If treatments don't quite do it for you, the gym always well. (Source:
If treatments don’t quite do it for you, the gym always well. (Source:

You’re here for wellness, right? So get busy rejuvenating. Carillon offers so many wellness treatments we can’t even count them — and they fit every age and nearly every ailment. Take a gander below for some quick highlights.

Ayurvedic treatments ($179-279): Heavily tied to nature, Carillon’s principles of Ayurvedic treatments lean on the elements air, fire (heat), water, and earth. A mixture of pressure treatments, massage, foot soaks, and fragrant oil rubs combine in unique proportions to rid you of negative energy and restore a quieted mind and calm body.

Acupuncture ($90-175): While Carillon boasts an entire Oriental medicine program — overseen by Dr. Vladimir Turovskiy — many patrons prefer the more commonly known acupuncture treatments. For more mainstream pampering, opt for 30 minutes of full-body acupuncture, designed to relieve stress, headaches, emotional difficulties, and digestive issues, among other symptoms. For a more intense experience blending psychological healing with the release of acupuncture, try a hypnotherapy session — a unique mix of hypnosis and traditional acupuncture. For those with a fear of needles, electronic acupuncture is available; electric pulses mimic the feeling of skin pricks without actually touching the skin.

Waxing ($8-125+): Sometimes you just need a good-old-fashioned wax. The masters here make quick work of body hair, with isolated, focused treatments for the nose, ear, face, chin, lips, arms, and legs. You can put it all together and dehair your entire body, too.

Massage ($89-279): Tight neck? Knotted shoulders? Nothing soothes the tension better than a classic massage. At Carillon, you can focus the expert rubs on certain parts of the body (like the neck), or go wild with long-stroke Swedish Massage kneading; Ashiatsu Massage, wherein therapists walk on your body and use their feet to focus pressure; and various other specialty massages like the Himalayan Sea Salt Massage and Maternity Massage. Most massages run 50 minutes, though can be extended to 80 minutes for an additional cost.

Cryotherapy ($65-1,600): Surprisingly, perhaps, there’s a lot going on in the cryotherapy department at Carillon. Yes, you can submerge yourself in a cold-water tank for three minutes, but you can also receive treatments for trimming fat, removing wrinkles, and just relieving tension. A combination of hot and cold treatments comprise most of the sessions, although electro-sound and nutritional therapies are also part of the cryotherapy offerings.

Kung Fu Healing ($200-1,500): While it may conjure scenes from the “Karate Kid,” this category of spa treatments focuses on aligning your mental, emotional, and physical states — sometimes with the guidance of the earth’s magnetic field, sometimes with custom choreographed movements and exercise. Sifu Matthew is the docent here, known as the Kung Fu Master — in part for his development of the iconic Martial Arts of Wellness (MAOW) program.

Fitness (no additional cost): Need something a little more … basic? The well-equipped gym at Carillon is waiting for you, complete with classes to mix up your routine. Go cycling (on stationary bikes, of course), do some bendy yoga, climb a rock wall, or swim your way to health and happiness.

Get outdoors

Need some fresh air and a little adventure? Kite boarding awaits. (Source: Shutterstock / Wallenrock)
Need some fresh air and a little adventure? Kite boarding awaits. (Source: Shutterstock / Wallenrock)

Kite boarding lessons (prices vary): One-on-one lessons from International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) instructors will undoubtedly mix up your wellness adventure, while giving you a bit of fresh air. If you’re not familiar, kite boarding is a bizarre but deliciously fun mix of surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing — basically all the sports that involve the wind and water. Prices vary by length of the lesson, though each training matches your skill set and abilities. Don’t worry; all equipment is included.

Cruiser tour ($50/person for four hours): Grab an oversized street bike and leisurely wheel your way to Miami’s greatest landmarks — including the Versace mansion and some Art Deco beauties from the 1930s. You can even add a picnic lunch (prepared at The Strand) for $45.

Deep-sea fishing (prices vary): About four miles north of Carillon sit two 58-foot boats, waiting for eager fishermen. Hop aboard for an adventure that includes tuna scouting (yes, that’s a thing), fighting over the captain’s chair, and maybe catching a poisson or two.

Want more wellness retreat goodness? Visit Carillon’s website for events, more amenities, and a complete roster of treatments and services.