Wide World of Travel’s Response to COVID-19

Travel inspiration can be the key to uplifting spirits in hard times -- especially now.Read More

Wide World's of Travel's Response to COVID-19

Dear Fellow Travelers,

As many of you know, the recent outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted travel throughout the world. Long-awaited vacations and travel plans have been postponed as we focus on observing local stay-in-place orders and social distancing. We at Wide World of Travel want you to stay safe and healthy and encourage you to continue to follow guidance from trusted sources on these matters.

Here’s the good news: We truly believe that the thrill, inspiration, and transformative power of travel – even when experienced vicariously – can boost spirits and generate excitement. That’s why we will continue to share our love of travel with you during this challenging time. You’ll still receive our weekly roundup of incredible travel tips, treks, and destinations, and we will continue posting about our latest adventures on wideworldoftravel.com.

When things return to normal and you’re back on the road, we’ll be here for you as your go-to source for travel ideas, advice, and anecdotes. Until then, stay safe, settle in, and join us on a virtual trip or two as we explore our vast, colorful world.

Happy (vicarious) travels!

Will More
Ally Smith

Eli, Will, and Ally