7 Best Games for Long Flights (Perfect for Adults and Kids)

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Long flights can be awful — but the right (offline) games can keep you pleasantly occupied. (Source: Pixabay)

Some of us are content to fade into slumber on long-haul flights. Others, however, can’t manage to get a wink — or, at best, catch 20-minute naps here and there. If you’re a more active flyer, we recommend keeping your mind busy with some offline fun that doesn’t require phone charging or WiFi. You know, the good old fashioned games that kept you entertained as a kid. If you need some inspiration, browse our pick of the seven best games for long flights 2020:

Kids Against Maturity (Card Game)

Fun for kids and innuendo-loving kids alike, "Kids Against Maturity" is a hoot. (Source: Amazon)
Fun for kids and innuendo-loving kids alike, “Kids Against Maturity” is a hoot. (Source: Amazon)

We’ve all heard of the infamous “Cards Against Humanity,” but that might be a little too risqué for a flight surrounded by strangers. If you’ve got kids in tow, consider the innocuous alternative: “Kids Against Maturity.” The premise is the same as its adult counterpart, of course; kids submit their card-based responses to questions chosen by a single player. Then, the “dealer” selects the answer they like the best, earning its submitter a point. Adults will love this, too (listen for innuendoes) and kids will be tied up in giggles — which is better than them fidgeting and/or screaming and/or running up and down the aisles.

Brain Games: 3-in-1 Word Search, Crosswords & Sudoku (Activity Book)

Three games in one? You'll be occupied for hours! (Source: Amazon)
Three games in one? You’ll be occupied for hours! (Source: Amazon)

If you’re traveling solo (or just have a moment of peace while the kids snooze), relax with a word/number game from Brain Games. These challenging puzzles will engage you (without frustrating you) and give you plenty of options for extended trips. Indeed, a whopping 256 pages filled with 200 sudoku-style puzzles, 39 crosswords, and 44 word searches will make the time fly. We particularly love that it’s spiral-bound — no awkward page-creasing necessary. The only downside is that this is kind of bulky, so make sure you save room in your carryon for it.

Mad Libs on the Road (Word Game)

How can you possibly think MadLibs is (ADJECTIVE)? (Source: Amazon)
How can you possibly think MadLibs is (ADJECTIVE)? (Source: Amazon)

This takes us back to childhood trips, packed into the backseat of a beat-up Volkswagen. We didn’t always have books to guide our MadLibs fun back then, which is why we’re stoked to see a game made for road trips. Get some belly laughs going as you toss verbs, nouns, and adjectives back and forth to shape ridiculous short stories. If you’re anything like us, you may even save them as memorabilia from your trip. Some of ours have been on the refrigerator for years and still make us laugh.

Crime Scene Investigation Puzzles (Adult Crime Game)

Solve a crime! Find words! Find missing clues! (Source: Amazon)
Solve a crime! Find words! Find missing clues! (Source: Amazon)

Puzzle books are fun and all, but we find ourselves far more engaged in games that are themed — like this delightful (adult) puzzle book from Brain Games. Flip through dozens of games like “Find the Missing Detail,” “Solve the Maze,” and “Uncover the Medical Examiner Name.” This is a cornucopia of brain-stirring activities, all leading down a path that will help you determine whodunit. Another spiral-bound tome, this game book makes it easy to flip back and forth between games.

Cat’s Cradle Book Kit (Hand Game Kit)

We'll bet you can't make a dog with your fingers and some string. (Source: Amazon)
We’ll bet you can’t make a dog with your fingers and some string. (Source: Amazon)

Cat’s Cradle too old-school for you? Never. Not only will you increase dexterity with this game kit (complete with string and how-to instructions), but you’ll master your next party trick. Make everything from a Cup and Saucer to a Witch’s Broom using nothing more than your 10 digits and a little finesse. This one is great for both kids and adults, and actually serves as a great way to keep both engaged at the same time. Mom or Dad, make your string creation first then show your young’un how to do it.

Life of the Wild (Adult Coloring Book)

Color in calm as you dive into this peaceful, verdant world. (Source: Amazon)
Color in calm as you dive into this peaceful, verdant world. (Source: Amazon)

Remember when adult coloring books were all the rage? Well, that trend is still flying high — thanks to our deep-seated desire to hold on to childhood joys. Carry your calming coloring hobby into the skies and spend some time shading in serene nature scenes — from adorable forest creatures in their natural habitat to sprawling gardens bursting with flowers. Bring the wild world to life with this delightful, time-passing coloring book — sure to calm your nerves in the midst of those bouts of turbulence.

Winning Moves Tile Lock Scrabble (Word Game)

S-C-R-A-B-B-L-E for the win. (Source: Amazon)
S-C-R-A-B-B-L-E for the win. (Source: Amazon)

It’s old. It’s classic. It’s tried-and-true. It’s Scrabble — the game we sometimes hate (mostly because we lose), but often love. This handy, travel-friendly version is perfect for seatback trays and made for entertaining you and your seatmate. Plus, the tiles lock into place on the board so you don’t have to worry about them flying all over the plane when things get rough. If you’re anything like us, you’ll soon be obsessed with securing the title of Scrabble champion.

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