Wide World of Travel is your go-to for travel inspiration, both within the U.S. and abroad. To help guide your travels, we’ve broken up our content into five main categories:


Articles published in this category focus on complete journeys to locations both domestic and international. Some will be suggested itineraries while others will highlight places to stay and eat, as well as what to do/see when you’re traveling. These articles assume travelers intend to stay for at least two to three days.

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More narrowly focused, our destinations articles spotlight noteworthy landmarks or points of interest worthy of exploration. You’ll uncover the history behind each, why they’re worth visiting, and what to expect when you’re there.

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Some travelers are keen on making their journeys true adventures. That’s why we devoted a whole category to unique activities you can do while you’re out and about. These articles highlight relevant details about how to pay for/participate in each activity, while also providing insider tips on making the most of your experience.

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If you love to shop, you’ll be spending a lot of time on articles in this category. Here, we highlight famous (and under-the-radar) stores, marketplaces, and shopping experiences worthy of a first-person experience — even if you don’t buy anything. Expect tips on what to buy, what to avoid, and when to go.

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Tips & Hacks

Nothing is worse than a bad travel experience. Fortunately, much of the madness travelers face when trekking between locations is due to completely avoidable mishaps. To make your vacationing life easier, we offer our insider guidance on how to make the most of your travel experience, avoid pitfalls, and preclude chaos.

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Who are we?

The writers at Wide World of Travel are a team of travel-loving, lifelong writers. We chose to launch this site as a group project, so you won’t find any bylines on articles. As they say, it takes a village; we all pitch in to make the most of every piece of content. That said, it’s always good to put a name (or names in our case) to the words you’re reading. To wit:

Eli Macum

Eli has deep Southern roots but loves to travel. While he fondly remembers clam bakes in Alabama (corn was his favorite part), motorcycle parades, and street corner jazz sessions in Montgomery, he now spends his time zipping all over the world as a travel writer.
Eli Macum

Will More

A U.S. coastal boy, Will grew up with sand between his toes. Raised in a quintessential waterfront home (the kind with a half-dozen bay windows, a wrap-around porch, and a porthole in his bedroom), he will do anything that involves the ocean. But he’s not picky; he’ll savor the tides of any ocean the world over. He regularly writes about the experience of coastal living, travel, and good eats for regional and national publications.
Will More

Ally Smith

Ally is a city girl, but loved her family’s mountain escapes growing up. Fond memories of hiking, camping, and sleeping under Appalachian skies always bring a smile to her lips. Of course, so does the excitement of the urban hustle. These days, Ally is just as likely to be gigging in Asheville, North Carolina as she is to be bar-hopping an ocean away in Bristol. A culture writer at heart, Ally focuses her work on the world’s most interesting myths, legends, personalities, and stories.
Ally Smith