While there's plenty of history to see in Athens, there's also plenty of shopping to do. (Source: iStock / KenWiedemann)
The colorful landscape of Chicago includes many world-renowned landmarks. (Source: iStock / Antwon McMullen)
Amman's history, culture, and modern outlook make it a top destination in the Middle East. (Source: Shutterstock / Leonid Andronov)
A day at the Rocks Market can't be beat for top artisan shopping. (Source: iStock / imamember)
Exploring Australia's interior in luxury
A view of Fort-de-France's waterfront (Source: iStock / 1Photodiva)
Plagued by illness and family trouble his whole life, Beethoven nonetheless committed himself wholly to his music. (Source: Shutterstock / nitpicker)
Millennia of history have informed the development of Alexandria, whose origin story goes back to 331 BCE. (Source: Shutterstock / Octasy)
Petra is a city of extraordinary sites, like the Al Deir Monastery. (Source: Shutterstock / tenkl)
You can always pick out the Seattle skyline – thanks to the iconic Seattle Space Needle. (Source: iStock / Ricks Moulton)
A land of bounteous seafood, Peru – and Lima in particular – is a culinary wonderland. (Source: Shutterstock / Shootdiem)
Welcome to vibrant Amman, Jordan. (Source: Shutterstock/ Sj Travel Photo and Video)
Flight cancellations are never fun. (Source: Shutterstock / OPOLA)
Hiking is one of the joys of travel. (Source: iStock / Onnes)
The vast, welcoming waters of the Pacific Northwest await. (Source: iStock / David_Johnson)
The captivating blue of Coron Island has lured visitors for decades. (Source: Shutterstock / R.M. Nunes)
History abounds at the Amman Citadel (Source: iStock / vovashevchuk)
The striking skyline of Jerusalem captures both figures of centuries past and landmarks of the present. (Source: iStock / Brasil2)
Pack only what you need, and keep it simple. (Source: Pixabay / Alexas_Fotos)
Adventure awaits in Buenos Aires. (Source: iStock / cristianl)
Walking Ben Yehuda Street at night (Source: iStock / efesenko)
Welcome to Athens, one of the oldest cities in the world. (Source: iStock / milangonda)
A dining experience like none other awaits in Jerusalem. (Source: Shutterstock / KarepaStock)
By some measures European, Sweden nonetheless has its own unique customs. (Source: iStock / anouchka)
Make the most of your stay in Buenos Aires with the right hotel. (Source: iStock / FotograficaBasica)
Towels – don't take them. (Source: Shutterstock / Kzenon)
Nepal holds many more treasures than Mount Everest. (Source: iStock / fotoVoyager)
Welcome to the U.S. capital, where secrets abound. (Source: iStock / krblokhin)
Tokyo is filled with landmarks – natural and manmade – that honor the city's millennia-old history. (Source: iStock / Eloi_Omella)
San Telmo is a Buenos Aires hotspot. (Source: Shutterstock / Diego Grandi)
The remains of the Parthenon anchor the Acropolis. (Source: iStock / Gatsi)
The plaza in front of the Wailing Wall (Source: iStock / bpperry)
A bridge crossing one of the waterways that flows by the East Garden (Source: iStock / BrendanHunter)
Nothing in the world compares to the white-meets-blue of Athens beaches. (Source: iStock / RAndrey)
The eccentric and beautiful Recoleta Cemetery (Source: iStock / FrankvandenBergh)
Bustling, clean, and modern, Tokyo is a destination must for any traveler. (Source: iStock / Crisfotolux)
The madness of traveling can be, well, maddening – but don't let the travel stress get to you. (Source: iStock / Wittayayut)
Nothing stirs the imagination (and a passion for history) like a beautiful castle. This beauty, Château de Chambord, didn't make our list but is sure impressive. (Source: iStock / PJPhoto69)
Caption: Climb every mountain on a Sound of Music Tour. (Source: iStock / bluejayphoto)
Manmade and natural wonders never cease. (Source: iStock / Onfokus)
The best places to experience usually boast some kind of natural wonder. (Source: iStock / oversnap)
The world's wonders await. (Source: iStock / Mlenny)
The beautiful and exotic Barcelona (Source: iStock / Eloi_Omella)
Beach vacations are the best. Just make sure you're prepared for them! (Source: iStock / bennymarty)
Korean BBQ is legendary, but nothing beats the authentic flavors of true Seoul BBQ. (Source: Pixabay / Yosoo)
The old-meet-new of Luxembourg City calls. (Source: iStock / Imre Cikajlo)
The exquisite Rila Monastery (Source: iStock / Rob Atherton)
Traveling is often part of the job. (Shutterstock / alphaspirit)
It's hard to imagine the Dubai skyline without the Burj Al Arab. (Source: iStock / Nikada)
The fish are waiting for you. (Source: Pixabay / Photos_kast)
The art galleries in London are some of the world's best. (Shutterstock / Tupungato)
Fasil Ghebbi once loomed large in Ethiopia. (Source: iStock / IulianUrsachi)
Shopping is part of the fun of travel. (Source: Shutterstock / testing)
The mesmerizing glisten of Galway Bay. (Source: Pixabay / nadja-golitschek)
Do as the locals do in Vietnam – head to the market (Source: Shutterstock / JunPhoto)
Sure, Costa Rica has great beaches – but their coffee is even better. (Source: iStock / dolphinphoto)
The incredible beaches of Goa (Source: Shutterstock / Almazoff)
Who said a cruise could only be in the Caribbean? (Source: iStock / EdoTealdi)
Tourists shuffle through one lane within the covered Grand Bazaar. (Source: iStock / Kostas Pavlis)
Travel podcasts are almost as good as going on an adventure yourself. (Source: Shutterstock / Syda Productions)
Nothing gives you perspective like standing at the foot of a towering pagoda. (Source: iStock / BDphoto)
Staycations: They're more fun than you think. (Source: Shutterstock / FrankHH)
Beaches for miles! But which ones are the best? (Source: iStock / meseberg)
There's lots to do in Greenland (Source: Shutterstock / Tetyana Dotsenko)
It's time to ditch those Paris plans and head to the wild instead. (Source: iStock / SeanXu)
Traveling with children can get stressful (Source: iStock / justhavealook)
We've all heard of empanadas. But do you know what other treats Argentina has in store? (Source: iStock / FotografiaBasica)
Healthy travelers are happy travelers. (Source: iStock / Joel Carillet)
Though small, Edinburgh of the Seven Seas has a deep history. (Source: Shutterstock / maloff)
Amsterdam Flower Market (Source: Shutterstock / Ivo Antoine de Rooij)
A car can give you tremendous freedom when traveling abroad, but it's important to know the ins and outs of car rental before you reserve one. (Source: iStock / Tramino)
Beware the ghosts that surround Bran Castle. (Source: Shutterstock / Adrian Stanica)
Try Nova Scotia. (Source: Shutterstock / Tetyana Dotsenko)
Shopping overseas often includes haggling. (Source: Shutterstock / Tero Veslainen)
Long flights can be awful — but the right (offline) games can keep you pleasantly occupied. (Source: Pixabay)
Portland, Oregon is a hub of activity — you'll just have to experience it for yourself. (Source: iStock / benedek)
The historic Old Town square in Rhodes (Source: Shutterstock / ian woolcock)
C'mon, have a go. (Source: AJ Hackett Bungy NZ Facebook)
Majestic Montana (Source: The Ranch at Rock Creek)
Go catch some stars aboard the WhiteKnightTwo. (Source: VirginGalactic.com)
Let's make it your airport travel easier. (Shutterstock / yotily)
Bienvenido a El Ateneo Grand Splendid. No applause necessary. (Source: Shutterstock / R.M. Nunes)
Save money on your adventures by car camping. (Source: iStock / yocamon)
Wide World's of Travel's Response to COVID-19
Nothing beats the cozy allure of a tiny home. (Source: Shutterstock / Ariel Celeste Photography)
Traveling is for women (Source: iStock / monkeybusinessimages)
How fancy are you willing to make your dining experiences on vacation? (Source: Shutterstock / Andrey Bayda)
Looking toward Waterloo from The Lion's Mound (Source: Shutterstock / Anton Ermachkov)
Good travel writing not only captures our attention, but fires our passion for new adventures. (Source: Shutterstock / everst)
Pickpocketing is a big problem in many European and Asian countries. Be aware of how thieves get access to your valuables — and protect yourself. (Source: Shutterstock / bump23)
The Azores (Source: Shutterstock / Henner Damke)
Opera is the heart of Italian culture — take time to see a performance if you can. (Source: Shutterstock / Igor Bulgarin)
Your pain au chocolate awaits. (Source: mob.ch)
The Queen's Palace stands atop one of the highest points in Antananarivo. (Source: Shutterstock / Artush)
Time zone changes can be difficult — but are far easier if you follow these guidelines. (Source: Shutterstock / Undrey)
Think your smartphone will be enough to capture those special moments? Think again. (Source: iStock / MediaProduction)
Golf may not be your #1 sport, but these courses should still be on your bucket list. (Source: iStock / danielvfung)
Diving in Belize (Source: Shutterstock / Rusya007)
Cartagena has it all (iStock / Starcevic)